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Liver POWDER, 100% grass-fed and finished, California raised

Liver POWDER, 100% grass-fed and finished, California raised

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Pure liver powder. (Not encapsulated!) Easy to add to smoothies, soups or baby food. Some like to mix it with a shot of tart cherry juice. Comes in a low-waste waterproof kraft bag. Total weight is 6 ounces. Suggested dosage is 1/2 tsp daily, or at your discretion.

Made from 100% grass-fed and finished California cattle, our Liver Powder is nutrient-dense and easy to use. Wonderful to add to liquid nourishment for tube-fed individuals.

Our cows live their entire lives wild & free, raised in Humboldt and Nevada Counties in remote rural California. They are happy and treated with dignity and respect. Never vaccinated or treated with antibiotics, the herds maintain multi-generational herd structure with mothers and daughters raising their calves side by side. Many of our cows even have an ocean view.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the liver POWDER, not encapsulated liver pills. Our liver pills are here. We cannot accept returns on this product due to ordering the powder by accident, since it is a food product.

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