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Lucky Duck Lemon Electrolytes

Lucky Duck Lemon Electrolytes

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Boost your hydration and gut health with Lucky Duck Lemon Electrolytes. Made with fermented organic whole lemons, Celtic sea salt, and no added sweetness or stevia, this easy-to-mix powder will increase your hydration. We love it for the gym, breastfeeding moms, and hot summer days. Life saver on road trips or traveling.

Lucky Duck provides a natural source of potassium and essential electrolytes. The fermented salty lemons soothe your gut and provide natural prebiotics.

* the powder is made from freeze-dried organic Moroccan salt-cured lemons. The powder contains the entire lemon, including the peel and pith. This adds nutrients and vitamins, as well as slightly bitter taste that we love. The overall flavor is hard to describe perfectly, but it is salty, sour with a slight bitter undertone. It is profoundly hydrating. When I use it I can literally feel my stomach and gut glowing with gratitude.

*Each jar contains about 45 servings. They last a long time!

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