Our Story

I was an earnest new mother in 2012. When I began the journey of feeding my eldest son solid foods, I was determined to feed my little king the utmost ancestral diet to build his mind and body. I kept hearing an insistent inner voice telling me, "You need liver."

Although I was already cooking a nourishing diet based on home-raised grass-fed meat as well as veggies and raw milk, organ meats were a stretch. I began experimenting, and I cooked beef and goat liver. To my frustration, we were not learning to appreciate the strong, earthy flavor.

I went online and discovered a recipe for making your own desiccated liver capsules. The next day I started the messy process, and 48 hours later I'd made my first batch of liver pills.

I was surprised to find that my baby son, who hadn't enjoyed cooked liver, gobbled down the liver pills like candy. I also started taking them myself. After taking them for only two days, I felt a marked increase in energy and mental clarity. I'd struggled with low energy since my childhood, and I couldn't believe how good I felt.

A couple weeks later a close friend had a health crisis. She'd taken a course of broad-spectrum antibiotics, and developed double vision as a side effect. She was devastated, as she couldn't drive, work, or read. Her doctor told her it could take months to return to normal.

"Hmmm," I thought, "Liver is high in Vitamin A which nourishes the eyes. Maybe these could help?" She sent her husband over to pick some up, and within a few days her vision corrected itself. She was blown away, and so was I.

Friends started asking if they could buy some, and reporting the same changes I'd experienced. More energy, more mental clarity. Thicker hair, clear skin, sparkling eyes. Word spread, and soon I was very busy.

About Dr. Suuzi

I live with my family on a small mixed farm in Northern California. I have a Doctoral Degree in Oriental Medicine (Dr. TCM, ICTCMV 2009), and completed an extensive internship with the renowned Dr. Katrine Heigelmann of Victoria's Oriri Acupuncture. I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BA in English Literature and Women's Studies, where I studied with feminist historian Veronica Strong-Boag, PhD. I completed a year abroad at the University of Glasgow, one of the esteemed medieval universities of the United Kingdom, as well as an acupuncture internship at Anhui Hospital in Hefei, China. 

Growing up in rural Canada, I spent my childhood outdoors exploring nature. My parents were raised on family farms, and I grew up enthralled by their stories. I'm obsessed with traditional  life-ways, especially regarding families, child-rearing, land management, nutrition and sexuality. I love foraging wild herbs and watching hummingbirds.