The care and feeding of our Genitals

The care and feeding of our Genitals

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Article written by Dr. Suuzi Hazen, March 2024

The word "genital" comes from the word "generate" - to Create.

Lovers can connect these sacred body parts and create new life. Its kind of a big deal. It makes sense for our genitals to be private, and only shared with a close, bonded spouse (or medical professional or caregiver), and they certainly shouldn't be a body part we are ashamed of.

The stereotypes of genitals (especially female genitals) as dirty, unclean or ugly are misogynist cultural implants used to keep us under control. Social control often takes the guise of re-directing our gaze inwards in shame. An extreme example is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Its interesting to note that not all cultures teach that women's genitals are shameful. For example, I was shared a story about a European woman in my circle of acquaintance (she's now in her 70s). Her mother taught her that as she grew up, her genitals would grow bigger and more beautiful, and develop a special scent that was totally unique to her. And that she should be proud of her unique personal scent. As an adult, she had pride in her genitals and always had a playful, active sex life with her husband. (She was still modest, these details were shared in confidence with a close friend.)

For me, caring for this body area, as well as recognizing its function, is part of dispelling the shame.

Firstly, let's start with underwear. No polyester panties please ladies. We need this area to have maximum airflow. Ideally, cotton, silk or nylon panties of the granny variety. Bikini is OK too. Its nice to go commando under long skirts and to swim nude in the summer when you have privacy. I'm pretty suspicious about g-strings. Logically, it doesn't seem wise for part of your underwear to contact your anus and transfer fluids and bacteria on a little highway that includes your vagina and urethra.

The hair on the vulva has several valuable functions. First, its a sign of physical maturity and adulthood. Second, its a totally unique decoration. Much like the colored markings on a raccoon or other animal, it provides visual interest. Thirdly, protection. The clitoris and inner labia are very sensitive and the soft hair helps cushion them from unwanted sensation. Fourth, the hair wicks fluid in the form of vaginal discharge and sweat gently away. The vagina should always have an outward-flowing energy and the hair helps with this.

The skin of the inner vulva (clitoris and inner labia) is extremely thin and sensitive. Its most comparable to the skin on the lips of the face - no wonder they're both called lips - and can benefit from similar treatment. The oil-washing that has become trendy for the face is also ideal for the vulva and anus. (Not as a replacement for water, but rather as a nourishing barrier before bathing.)

To do it, simply apply a little oil to the vulva and gently massage it in. You can do your anus and the entire crease of the glute cheeks with another hand. Obviously, wash your hands well anytime you touch these intimate areas. This is nice to do before the bath or shower, or after eliminating (before or after bidet).

It can be nice to apply a little dab of herbal body oil or whipped tallow cream to the vulva during the day any time you need a little pick me up or after urinating. You'll notice a subtle lift to your mood when you keep this area gently moisturized, much as we already do for our lips.

The anus can also benefit from TLC. Hemmorhoids or fissures can be greatly reduced and soothed by regular applications of herbal oil, or for a stronger affect, castor oil. The castor oil is wonderful to apply overnight. Many women report castor oil on the vulva can help repair childbirth injuries.

I'm also a fan of yoni eggs made from natural semi-precious gemstones. I mean, who doesn't love the idea of a soothing amethyst deep in her core? Always warm your yoni egg beforehand and use a little natural oil to insert. You will feel your vagina become stronger, more naturally moist and flowing, from this gentle stimulation. I like using them at night or when laying down when you're just starting. (They will tend to fall out until your vaginal muscles get stronger.) After a few days of use you will find your vagina naturally grips and holds the stone inside. Interestingly, this doesn't cause tension, rather a gentle strengthening.

Finally, I saved the best for last: yoni sunning.

This ancient practice is simple. In a private area, expose your lower areas to the sun. The warm healing rays are cleansing and energizing. Through the thin skin of these areas, you can feel the sun penetrating and warming your core. This is an essential activity for moms of girls and teens! I've even heard of this curing teen girls of suicidal depression. You'll have to get back to me and let me know.

A further word: your genitals are YOURS! Never allow yourself to be pressured into sexual activity that feels unsafe or just bad for any reason. Keeping yourself safe starts even before you leave your home, by being very mindful about the type of people you spend time with. Once you are alone with a man, if his intentions are not respectful it can be hard or impossible to assert yourself.

Sexual assault is never the victim's fault. However prevention starts well before you're alone with a man. Going out in groups, where women look out for each other, and avoiding intoxication will make it much harder for predators to target young females. Truly, staying safe from sexual assault starts from strong sense of self-esteem and community. As women, let's always support each other and our children and girls to have healthy boundaries and high self-worth.


Dr. Suuzi Hazen

Painting by Arthur Spear, 1921, USA

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