Suuzi's Pregnancy Nutrition & Health Advice

Suuzi's Pregnancy Nutrition & Health Advice

All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

Written by Dr. Suuzi Hazen, June 2020, edited March 2024


liver pills (6-12 day)

cod liver oil (2 tsp)

grass fed butter (just a normal amount with food)

raw milk (you can take sips of it throughout the day to help with morning sickness)

bone broth

herbal tea for deep hydration (any gentle blend you like)

avoid sugar and refined carbs. Especially sugar.

Sauerkraut and pickles are amazing for morning sickness. Keep pickles with you and take some nibbles every time you feel nausea. Add apple cider vinegar to your water. (Morning sickness is all about low stomach acid, anything to gently boost the Ph of the stomach helps.)

Eat a healthy, enjoyable whole-foods diet. Cooked vegetables. 4 ounces of meat with each meal. Eat 3 healthy meals a day. Do not skip meals! If you don't feel hungry for breakfast, eat a small breakfast anyway. Your body will reward you with more energy in the afternoon.


Walk daily - ideally an hour. If that's too much even 15 minutes 2x a day will do wonders for your ability to give birth.

If you were already exercising before pregnancy, continue with modifications up to delivery.

Dancing, swimming are amazing for the pregnant body.

Get chiropractic, massage, acupuncture or any other form of healing bodywork. If you can't afford it ask a friend for a foot or shoulder rub.

Loving sexuality with your child's father is so beautiful, and high progesterone levels make most women eager partners. Its a really great way to bond during pregnancy.


treat yourself like an absolute queen! Avoid negativity in the news and media. 

take a nap or rest daily.

prioritize sleep at night.

listen to positive affirmations. The Hypnobabies affirmations are amazing, as well as anything by Louise Hay.

get help with childcare of older kiddos - even an hour with a neighbor can make a world of difference.

What would you add?

Warmly, Dr. Suuzi Hazen

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